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February 26, 2007


mike macon

Johnny Mac's collated a bunch of responses to the Cameron deal...


Charles Nestor II


The responses on Johnny Mac's sight are very good. They already have me thinking about my Easter sermon. thanks for posting them.

Victor Perea

Here's what our "fellow worker" on Capitol Hill has to say about this.

Victor Perea

Sorry. here's the link:


RT Beese

What I find especially hilarious is the claim to have "DNA evidence" that this is Jesus and his family. Hey, that's great, but what are you comparing it to? It's not like you can take DNA edidence from a crime scene and compare it to a criminal, there's noone to compare this evidence to.

Also, to make the claim that the names are all the same is laughable as well. It's similiar to someone looking for George and Barbara Bush and finding a tomb belonging to a George and Barbara whomever and claiming they're the Bush's. Same as George and Barbara, they're all common names and are extremely unlikely to be whom you're looking for.

Like the original archeoligist said, these people are documentary makers, not archeologists.

I agree with Pastor Charles, it's just yet another very futile attempt to sway Christianity.

RT Beese

I don't know if anyone watched the show, but the show the followed was a small panel consisting of Cameron and someone else on the show, and 2 archeologists.

The archeologists basically ripped the show apart, and said they were embarassed by the 'documentary.' Was a lot of fun to watch.

RT Beese

Oops, it wasn't Cameron, it was Jacobovici.

Charles Nestor II

Probably the only reason this show seemed to get as much publicity from the press was that it was made by Cameron. All the archeologists have debunked this.

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