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March 19, 2007


Phillip Santillan

Nice article post. I love John MacArthur's Quote:
“Bad theology will always lead to dirty living.”

Another of note is the reference from D.A. Carson:
"Is this emerging church largely seeking to be reformed by the Word of God; or is it submerging into the very culture it longs to transcend? “

Charles Nestor II

It's true. When you get bad theology it effects what you do and why you do it. Good theology will always encourage us to do what is right and for the right reasons.

R.T. Beese

Terrific article with great insight. I love how he questions why it's unkind to hold our leaders, teachers, singers, etc. to certain standards. If anyone questions their motives or theology many are seen as unkind and/or divisive. Holding them to standards are now seen as being counter-productive rather than upholding these people to truth.

"Seek the lost at all costs" type of thinking doesn't help anyone or anything. Like all programs and the like, it may/will attract huge numbers of people, but with no solid foundation it will quickly crumble. The pull of the world is too much for the half-hearts these programs create.


Let me play the contrarian here. Any church movement- for that fact, any movement (secular or sacred) always has someone nipping at their heels on how bad things are. I've appreciated Steve Camp's music for many years, but he is known for being a "glass half empty" guy in his music, ministry, and outlook.

Are there problems in Evangelicalism? Of course, and serious ones as well that need to be discussed. But quite honestly, "sky is falling" rhetoric doesn't have too much cred with me if it comes from someone who doesn't seem to have the ability to dispassionately look at a situation and see both the good & bad.

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