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June 12, 2007


Corby Stephens

Hey Charles! Hillsong, and ministries like them, have confused me. Their music is so passionate, yet their faith and practice can be so wrong. I had the opportunity to visit Hillsong in Sydney as well as speak at their middle school ministry (with the help of some friends). Their emphasis, to me anyway, always seems to felt-need, almost prosperity gospel in nature. While they do a tremendous amount of outreach, the end goal seems to be what we can get out of a relationship with the Lord, instead of just enjoying the relationship of give and receive.

Vineyards kind of fall into the same category. Their music can be so right on, yet their teaching can be so not on. I don't know, just something that I've always found personally puzzling.

Charles Nestor II

They have a different emphasis than we do as Calvary Chapel, but as far as their worship is concerned it is powerful. I've seen some Calvary's that just seem dead when it comes to worship. As far as their teaching, I haven't heard a lot of it.

What if we had the passionate worship of a Hillsong and the powerful teaching of Calvary Chapel. That's my vision in a nutshell.

Liz  Hernandez

Hi! I agree with your comments on Brooke Fraser's particiaption in this album. Lead me to the Cross is a powerful song. It represents the beauty of simplicity... Brooke Fraser is definitely a great revelation here.

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