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February 05, 2008


Carol Savage

Amen! Using the gifts, within biblical guidelines (1 Cor. 12 & 14, etc.), is the way it should be! We should neither quench the Spirit, nor succumb to emotional counterfeits of His work. That's one of the blessings of the Calvary Chapel movement. May the Lord continue to use it for His glory!

Guy Kerr

We are not a perfect church...but then, no church is perfect. It can't be. Johanna and I have been at Calvary Chapel South Orlando for 6 months now, (where did the time go), and we have yet to find a flaw, but that's because it is the perfect fit for us, personality wise and spiritually. For those who need more of a charismatic church, they will leave. For those who need a less charismatic church, they will leave. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing someone leave, but they will. Jesus will grow His church, in His time. Calvary Boynton Beach, just three years ago was about our size, meeting in an office building. Today they have their own building and the last time I talked to Pastor George they had standing room only in one of the services. This came only after lots of trials and even people creating a split. God has a great plan for Calvary Chapel South Orlando and Johanna and I are looking forward to seeing the part that we will play to God's glory. Know this...When people leave, they need to. God has a plan for them somewhere else and it has no reflection on you as the pastor or on the church. I have been to several Calvary Chapels throughout the world and our Calvary Chapel is, in my opinion, one of the best. Chuck Smith started a very good God directed thing with the Calvary movement and I see his vision for how a church should be in every aspect of what we do. Are we perfect...I can only hope that we strive for perfection, even if it can never be obtained.

Charles Nestor


Thanks for your comments. God Bless!


Keep in mind, there are two reasons people leave their church. The first is the reason they give. The second is the real reason they left.

Dee Googins

I know I have been looked at as someone freakish in the church. My walk with God has been an opened book. I don't understand some of the things God has allowed in my life and they will never make sense but I know that He is the power behind all things and that is all I need to know.

When I speak of God and His power it is different from what many people would ever understand. I saw some things in my life that cannot be explained and I saw many miraculous events occur. This was enough for me to understand that God is bigger then small understandings of our minds and we don't have to prove it.

I cannot speak for God and His purpose. I can't say I know what He is doing or what His will for some things might be. I do know however, that the bible is clear and has no misunderstanding.

Spiritual gifts are a wonderful source to connect to God. It's pleasing to the soul. We cannot just dismiss these miraculous powers God allows us to have. We have to remember that it is difficult to believe what we cannot see. It is human nature. But isn't faith based on believing what we cannot see? We have to ask ourselves what we really believe. It's not just a game, or Sunday experience. It is God!

I once shared with a sister in our church that we don't lose anything with the exit of families and friends. Our memories will last for a lifetime if they are real friendships and bonds. This is true. But in essence, spiritually we lose nothing because our lives are short in comparison to God's purpose. If they come or go, it is Gods hand that moves. We know that all things aren't according to His will because we as people go against it. But I'm sure we all know that when God wants something, He gets it.

I am reminded that although I don't understand what people are looking for in their faith, God moves in each of our hearts and we are all in different levels of our relationship with Him. There was a time I told someone to praise God for a victorious outcome before it came and they thought I was off the wall. They were clear that they did not believe in the name it or claim it method of Christianity. This saddened me, as that wasn’t my intent at all. God moves! He (God) made it clear to me that this prayer this family had was answered in their favor. It did come to pass. Again, I was reminded that all do not understand the power of God’s hand but in God's timing they will.

Keep in mind that those that question where they belong aren't questioning “Calvary Chapels”beliefs. It appears that in truth they are trying to find their own place in the kingdom of the Holy God and that’s OK. If we are being chosen by God to be in His kingdom we will be and we will be joined together before His Glory!

Continue the work you have been blessed with Pastor. God has anointed you a leader of His dwelling place. God dwells in our church, I know it and there are many witnesses to this. Our prayers are that the battles that conflict with your gifts as a Pastoral family be removed in honor of the Holy Father. I for one trust in Him and His promise.

God be with you Always.

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